Making Elm Tree Farm accessible to all has been difficult because the cottage and barn consists of a line of spacious rooms running up a slope – hence the 14 steps up between the north and south ends! As a result the property is unlikely to be suitable for wheelchair users.

However, we have re-profiled the field outside so that a car can be parked on virtually level ground immediately outside the main doors, facilitating easy access  for less able guests. The large kitchen (with round table & dining chairs) is on the same level as the shower room/toilet so as to accommodate day visitors unable to manage steps.

In the main building we have up to three downstairs bedrooms, though all have at least one step, and a short walk, between them and the nearest bathroom. All bathrooms are on the ground floor, so visitors in the three upstairs bedrooms need to come downstairs to use the toilet, shower or bath.

Link to full Access Statement